Sunday, 4 October 2009

Last's Weeks Life Drawing Lesson

Last week Tuesday I had my first Life Drawing Lesson and I was a bit nervous. The thoughts that went threw my mind was, what will people think of my drawings, would the person who I was drawing will find it offencive, and so on.
However I was also interested in this, because I never went to a life drawing lesson before. So This would be a great learning experience.

Here are all of my drawings from last week.

Life Drawing 1
Actual Size & Close Up

The proportions in the picture are all wrong, the head is too small, the arms are too long, legs are too short and the body big.
When we began drawing our model I thought we were ment to use only one paper so I drew the model in a corner and quit tiny. If there is one thing i like about this picture, it would be the shape of the head.

Life Drawing 2
Actual Size & Close Up

The next picture is a little better because the arms and legs seem to be the right lenght.
The body still feels too big and the head is still too small.

Life Drawing 3
Actual Size & Close up

The Next picture was to try out drawing the model in straight lines.
and I thought this was actually quit fun. It just makes the picture a bit more interesting.

Life Drawing 4
Actual Size & Close up

This is the last picture and I think this is the the best one out of the four.
Especially the detail on the head.

Life Dawing 4
close up on head.

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