Saturday, 1 March 2014

Shub-Work 04: Final Prop

Hey everyone it's update time, this one is about the final prop and the picture I decided to use for it.
When looking over the mountain picture I felt it was too cool and was a bit out of place, and when thinking about it I thought maybe I should go for a more nature route to give the pub more of a warm calm feel.
I began by making the template of what I feel the painting would look and then I started making the concept of what the prop and the painting would look like in the scene.

Painting Design 01

 Painting Design 02

Frame and Painting 01

 Frame and Painting 02

 Frame and Painting 03

 Frame and Painting Final

For me the hardest part in making this concept art was the colouring because I am no good at using photoshop when colouring pictures in a digital painting style. In my opinion it doesn't look that bad but the painting does give me inspiration to improve on my digital painting skills.
I mainly made the concept art to give me the idea of which colours to use for the wall for the scene, the texture for the frame prop and what the final picture frame would look like. I purposely made the painting's way of colouring and shading different then from my usual style hoping to give it a uniqueness to it. It's funny because the painting is just going to sit in the background for only a few seconds and yet I am making a nice painting.

Leave some feedback on what you think of my finished image. Next is to actually make the prop and set up the animation scene, so until next time take care.

Also does the painting look familiar to those who started at the same year at uni as me hmm.