Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shub-Art Work in Progress 02: Bayonetta, Plus a competition to win a free Mischief drawing software.

Hey everyone sorry I have not been posting much on my blog lately, I was looking for work and I went on vacation on the weekends. I also got two things I want to post: an update to an old picture and a competition that an artist youtuber is taking part in.

First as some of you now besides the Albert animation I am working on I am also drawing a picture of the video game character Bayonetta for my sister.
I have just updated the line art of Bayonetta which was not easy because I had to add all the detail to her weapons and her clothes. Here is a comparison between the old picture I posted on 30th September 2013 and the recent image I finished.

Bayonetta Line Art 1

Bayonetta Line Art 2
The second announcement is that I came across an interesting competition where the lucky person can win a drawing soft named Mischief for free all you have to do is draw using the software. One of the judges is Stevraybro and he posted a video about the competition.

Stevrayrbo's Mischief Contest! - Artistic Escape

If you are interested then take part the theme is Artistic Escape, or try out the software for 15 days at at Also if you do try it out but don't want to take part in the competition you can by the software for a cheap price, at least when compared to the more expensive digital painting software. Good luck and have fun :)