Saturday, 19 September 2009

Some of my recent work

Here are all of my drawings that i did for my summer project.
Which was to make some concept drawings that are, different life forms, machines and buildings.
Image 1

The first picture is my own version
of a spacesuit.
The second picture is about a character
that I thought up whos a science experiment
with monsterous strength and two cannons
on his shoulders..

Image 2

It's a building of the future.
Which is very high and has lots of rooms.
In the very center is an elevator that will
carry the residents of the building up or down

Image 3

This character was my
own image of a demon/monster.
It has claws, spikes, horns and a boney tail.
I liked how it turned out but it could of been better.
Maybe some textures for it's skin and more detail for the mucles.

image 4

the first picture was my own idea of a future digger,
i think i was inspired by a cartoon i saw called 'The Little House'.
the second image is another life form.
an eyeball with leg/hands.

image 5

in this picture i was trying out character development.
i first wanted a building, but soon i decided to change it in to a cannon.
i then develop the cannon idea even more.
by giving it one big tredmill and two arms next to it so it will move and the nose of the cannon can rise up and down.

image 6

the first image was the finished idea for my cannon.
the rest are more character development on my spacesuit.
i decided to devlop it more because i felt that it colud look abit more better.

image 7

the first drawing was a life form crystal.
it was ment to be another space suit design but the edges were straight. looking at the shape gave me an idea of making a crystal life form. next to it is my last character design of my space suit.
i am actually proud of how it turned out.
the last picture is another life form, but i don't know what its ment to be.

image 8

nothing special, just a different design of my previous life form and an alien.

image 9

two pictures of my own idea of a power plant
and a robot.

image 10

here are some more designs of my robot. the face plat was actually an accident, yet it gave off such a nic effect.
i tried to redraw the robot's body shape but i didn't came out right.

image 11

the first picture was an idea to see
what would my robot look like with
an anatomy that resembles a human.
the next picture is a type of futurestic body for brains.
the drawing was actually an idea,
to see if i could make the shape of
the character first then add the details later.

image 12

once i had re drew the shape

i then added the features to it.
i was pleased of the results.
i like how both of them turned out,
i especially like the hands of my first drawing
and the feet of my second.
the shininess of the bowl thought needs some work.

image 13

i was getting a bit tired of making characters
so i decided to make some buildings.
i am pleased of last drawing, the way
the door looks too the little garage
with an open roof for the flying machine.

image 14

here are some designs of spcaeships
the first two are different angles of a carrgo ship.
the second one is just a ship.

image 15
the first image is a raceing spaceship.
while the last two pictures are just satellite.

image 16

this is another character robot, i like how it rurned out it's a shame that the feet where wrong height.

image 17

my last two pictures.
the first one is ment to be a monster snake, but looking at it now. it looks like a very fast eyeball monster.
the second image was ment to be a tram in the future.

and that is all of them.

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  1. Je peux dir que sont tres jolie
    Very fine blog and photos
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