Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Transcription part 10: Designing my Final character and Street Lamp

Here some more character development on my character Albert, I was trying to find a way to add his neck and keep his round shape. I don't know why this gave me some trouble but I think I am getting there.

I have also started working on the design for my street lamp. I was thinking of giving the lamps a simple generic appearance, but I felt they look too unimaginative so I looked at some different designs of of a lamp post with three arms.

The rough design of my street lamp

I am still designing the street lamp for my animation.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Transcription part 9: Albert's Trip animatic edit 2 and what I did this week.

On Monday I had a meeting with Phil and I shown him my animatic.
He told me he liked it but at the beginning I should of introduce the pub my drunk left and do a zoom in on Albert's reaction when he was being tossed by the street lamps.
I then went back and redrew some of the storyboards which I think suits my animatic.

Also when Phil saw the figure in my storyboard he told me that I should merge him with my final character to make a completely new finished character, because he has the soft bouncy appearance that is suited for my animation.
The final out come looks great he has a happy expression that I wanted but also looks sloppy.
I have also made some poses to help bring my character to life.

Transcription Storyboard: Albert's Trip Edit

Thats it for now, please leave feedback :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Maya Tutorial: Game Head part 1

I have finished making the first stage of the Game Head for the Maya tutorial.
The purpose of building the game head is to look at another way of building a head with but with low polys.
although to my the construction looks of but I can tell how different it is when compared to my cartoon character. The reason the model is made with low polys is because it is ideal for a game character mostly for a background characters who don't talk.

Transcription part 8: Albert's Trip (Working Title)

Here is my storyboard for my Transcription project I chose to do a music based animation, the name of the music I have chosen is The Carnival of Animals the Elephant by Camille Saint-Saens.

Albert the drunk had left the pub to go home, while on his journey he discovered that something is not right.

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Transcription part 7: Final Character Design and Storyboard

For that past few days I was working on finalising my Character (who is named Albert for now) and making his facial expressions which I felt would represent him well. Also I have made a pose to describe his drunken personality, for the future I will make more poses and a silhouette.

Next I was making the story for my music video, it was very challenging because I had to listen to the music I have chosen repeatedly and visualise how I see my animation. I didn't mind the re-listening part but actually visualising my animation was the hard part. I have also had a meeting with Phil about this to help improve my idea, he suggested that I look at some rubber hose animation and look at Dumbo's Pink Elephant scene since during our meeting I mentioned to Phil that I felt my animation has a dream sequence.

I then began making my storyboard which was very long to make but worth it. After reviewing it I realise some of the scenes need improving, mostly the part where the drunk meets himself. I decided to have the fake drunk upside down so I could make a funny scene with the real drunk.

Thats what I have done this week, soon I will make the animatic and hope the music and the storyboard will match well togather.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Transcription part 6: Way Home (2008)

Since my animation is more or lest a journey story where my drunk is making his way home
I thought I could see some animations on how they fill in their stories which involve traveling. I got the idea of how my animation begins and how it ends but I need to know how to fill in the middle.
I have found an animation with a good opening and a shocking ending and little things that happened in the middle. The name of the animation is called 'Way Home'
and it is about a dung beetle traveling home to feed his family.
A simple plot with some moving moments especially the main plot where he needs to get home. While watching this animation I notice that the music used really help set the mood of the dung beetle's journey, so I need to use the full extent of my music as well as make my the animation matches with it to help make my animation fun.
Here's the animation about the dung beetle, and if anyone knows any journey stories or any stories that have good story telling please tell me so I can take a look.

Way Home

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Transcription part 5: Influence Map and Character Design 2

I created another Influence Map this time focusing more on drunk appearances, and I have also made some new character designs for the drunk this time making him skinny.
I thought making him skinny and his clothes lose and untidy would make him a bit unhealthy and messy which would tell you the what type of drunk he is.

Once I have finally finished his design I then compared him to the fat version but with some trait to the skinny drunk. I am still deciding but I might go to the fat drunk because when listening to the music I have the sense of bumpiness and the skinny drunk carries more of a droopiness and not enough bumpy.

Fat Skinny Comparison

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Transcription part 4: Influence Map and Character Design

Today I was designing my character for my transcription animation, I imagined him to look very jolly and round as well as short and wearing Victorian clothes. I began by making an influence map with the objects I would use to help me to create my character, mainly his clothes to help him look more Victorian.

Influence Map

I began by making my character's head first so I can have the right roundness and shapes to define his face. I then designed his body and then the clothes he will wear. I have made a development sheet to show how I made his final design.

Development Sheet