Friday, 22 March 2013

Speed Paint Challenge: Speed Paint 2 version 4

Here is the forth and final remake of Speed Paint 2. I felt this was more towards the feelings I had when listening to the music 2; a burst of sad, emotional destruction. In a weird way it moves me, and I am not the type of person who likes being depressed but I am the type that likes music that gives me different unexpected feeling. The circles are meant to represent the destruction while the hoops meant to represent the long anticipation to the climactic BOOM. Again the use of red and yellow are meant to show danger with a hit of orange to give it a bit of variety.

This is the last painting I will make for the Speed Painting Challenge, like I mentioned in my last post. After this I will then work twice as hard on my own work and I will start posting them here as well on my deviant art page and sometimes on facebook. Taking part on this challenge was really fun I enjoyed it a lot and it really did spark my creative side once again. Lets hope I will be more active on this blog :).
So until my next post, which hopefully won't be too long, take care everyone.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Speed Paint Challenge: Painting 2 remake

I was able to get in contact with Phil, my old uni tutor, and he informed me that the Speed Paint Challenge only has 10 music pieces and we can do as many versions of the digital painting based around one music as many times as we want.
With that in mind I decided to remake the only painting that I did not like the most, Speed Paint 2.

Speed Paint 2

As mentioned before I did not like this painting at all because it didn't represent the music I was listening. I believe most of the problem came from me painting this picture late at night.
So when I heard that we can make as many versions of a digital painting based around one music as many times as we want, I thought that remaking this specific painting would be perfect.
When re-listening to the music It gave me chills, it starts of gentle with a steady beat then BOOM an explosion of sound that gave me the feeling of destruction or burst of energy or an end of something, then the music slowly quiets down.
The next two pictures represents the booming part of the music.

Speed Paint 2 version 2

 Speed Paint 2 version 3

Both pictures represents the booming part of the music because it feels so powerful, scary and emotional. I felt the red and yellow really give it the sense of danger and an idea of level of heat.
I might make a forth one even though these two a good I feel like making another one.

Well that's all I have made so far, I really have to thank Phil for bringing this challenge to my attention and thanks to him I feel creative all over again. I decided when I make the forth version of Speed Paint 2 I will then work on my own things again and this time I will not get too lazy until I feel like I deserve it.
Thanks Phil your awesome :)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Speed Painting Challenge Week 2

Here are the second set of digital paintings for the speed painting challenge. Some of them were fun to draw while some of them I can do much better. Ah well to me this is just a learning experience on using photoshop.

Speed Paint 6

Speed Paint 6 version 2
The sixth music feels distorted yet calming so when making the paintings I was going for distorted shapes with warm colours and form. The first image was meant to represent the beats and flow of the music. However the second image seems to carry more of what I felt when listening to the music which was distortion with a calming atmosphere. 

Speed Paint 7
The seventh music has a wild naturey feel, like a party which then ends in a gentile quieting manner. The background hardest bit was to recreate that wild feel because I want it to have the right amount of craziness.

Speed Paint 8

Speed Paint 8 version 2
The eighth music was very relaxing like a gentle dance with a bit of a jazzy 40s feel, but suddenly it changes it's atmosphere to a stormy growing tone which doesn't feel too sad but determined. Then ultimately end with a wonderful finally that has a burst of character of everything that I mentioned what I felt when listening to the music. I know I sounded crazy but that is what I felt when listening to the music. I don't know if my two paintings even capture most of the stuff I mentioned but one thing for sure out of all the music this one was breathtaking. I will try to get a copy from Tom :).

Speed Paint 9

Speed Paint 9 version 2
The ninth music carried a nightlife celebratory tone which was very exciting that I must try everything while the night is young. That's what I felt when I painted these two pictures, the first one resembling the nightlife while the second one represent the sense of celebration.

Speed Paint 10
The last music feels like a follow up from the ninth music where everyone had their excitement and now it is time to rest and we are entering their dreams to see that they are still thinking about the night they had. The music itself carried a gentle relaxing tone that varies between pitch. Hopefully my last painting of this week represents that.

That is all of them. I did visit the uni's group blog and it says that the next step is to let Tom and Jordan animate our paintings, I don't know if that means we are done painting. To tell you the truth I thought we would be working on these for much longer, I need to contact Tom or Jordan about this.
If it is the last one I had a lot of fun making these and it did respark my taste of creativity, even though I have been drawing in my spare time :).
Well that's all I've got for today hopefully I have something cool to post in the future :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Speed Painting Challenge Week 1

Hey everyone for the past week I was taking the speed painting challenge that was posted at my uni's group blog. The goal of the speed painting challenge is once a day we have to listen to a piece of music that was posted on the group blog and make a digital painting that represents what we see or feel. The only rule is that we cannot draw a character, landscape or a creature. The main focus is abstract paintings and we can make more than one picture that is based of one music.
With that part out of the way here are my digital paintings.

First Painting.
The first music that was given had more of a calm and floaty atmosphere with a heavy sound that feels like a transition. The rectangles represent the beat of the music. 

Second Painting
The second painting is not my favorite because it did not represent what I felt when I listened to the second music. If I had a chance to redo it I would paint something that had a more powerful booming style which hopefully fit with the music.

Third Painting 1

Third Painting 2
The third music had more of a flowy feel with a sudden burst of something amazing and these two images represent the two feelings that came to me, with slight differences but ending up the same.

Forth Painting 1

Forth Painting 2
The forth music had more of a gentle drifty feel yet a sad tone to it. The first picture was more focused around the colours that I felt as the music plays. I was trying to stick with warm colours because the music still keeps the gentleness as mentioned.
The second painting has the shapes that I felt matches with the beat of the music.

Fifth Painting
The fifth music felt distorted, busy, crazy like eveything was a huge mess that I can't make any sense out of it.
Which is why my painting looks messy and ,hopefully, out of control. The strange this is that making this one was much easier that the last four, I don't know if I am getting use to the challenge or I am starting to get lazy. Hope I am not getting lazy that might suck.

That is all of my paints of last week this will be a great exercise and experience on learning about photoshop, please leave a comment to tell me what you think and if anyone is taking part on the challenge please link me to your blogs :) Thanks.