Friday, 30 April 2010

Unit 6: research on logs

I was researching logs with moss or Slime Molds on them for a nice scenery for my animations. The reason I chose to look at logs is because Slime Molds a most likely found in damp places and I thought choosing a damp log would be an ideal choice for the scenery for my Slime Molds. I thought looking for logs with moss would give me a better idea for designing my scenery concept art and help with designing the log to give it a damp appearance.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Unit 6: Slime Mold in a maze?

I decided to look use slime mold as my main subject for my animation, and I can across an interesting video about slime mold completing a maze puzzle, check it out.

also here is a link to some information about this experiment

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Unit 6 fern antheridium a.k.a sperm

Today I was doing more research on ferns and I came across an interesting video about the antheridium of a fern, it shows how the antheridium travles to the archegonium (the egg of a fern. They move in a funny way like they are drunk, but when they do find the egg, all the antheridium have a huge strugle to get inside it.

Monday, 26 April 2010

unit 6: Researching slime molds

Today I have found some slime molds and fern videos. I thought they could help me and to decided which one I should focus on the most. I know I need to pick one so I thought I could look at these videos to make a definite choice, so far the slime molds are more interesting because they can change their size and shape, also they can grow really big which can be quite frightening. The fern are more plant like spreading their spores around the area to make more fern.
here are the videos
Slime Molds

I don't know if these are slime molds but they do look interesting

and two fern videos
the first one shows the spores leaving the plant while the second one shows a couple of students talking about ferns and how the reproduce.

I might look at slime molds because they feel quite easy, but in fairness I haven't looked at too many fern videos, so if anyone knows some please tell me.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

all of unit 5 animation lesson homeworks

here are all of my homework animations starting with the first homework and ending with the last one.
The first homework was to make a morphing animation which using things we like that begins with the initials of our name. The second homework is to make three bouncing balls, one that is a rubber ball, a bowling ball and a pin pong ball. and finally the last homework is to make a walkcycle then a walkcycle that is connect to the emotion our tutor gave use, mine was terrified.

Morph Animation

Rubber Bouncing Ball

Bowling Ball

Ping Pong Ball


Terrified Walkcycle

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Some of unit 5 maya work

Today I was finishing up some of the rigging tutorials, the eye rig, the tail rig and the pass the object rig.
the eye rig and tail rig are working fine but my pass the object rig isn't working right, because the right arm of the pass the object rig is bending wrong.

eyes rig

tail rig 1-3

arm rig fail 1 and 2

if anyone knows the problem please help me.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Unit 5: My animatic and my glove walkcycle

During the easter holidays I finished my Terrified Glove animatic,

I was going to put some sound in the animatic but didn't find the time.

I also made a walkcycle of how I think my glove would walk by itself.