Sunday, 23 May 2010

However there are some good news

I still have my scaned storyboards and I still remember were I found my research and I almost finished making my 3d models :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

More bad news

I took my external hard drive to curry because thats where I bought it from, and they said that the external hard drive is damage but there is a way to get all of my date by sending it off to but it will take roughly 4 weeks. I then went to a different computer repair shop but they also said the same thing plus it would take a week to get the date. The two shops also said they can not garentee that all of my missing data will be retreved so I decided to start from scratch and see what will happen in the future. I am still not given up >:(

Friday, 21 May 2010

I'm not giving up.

although all of my work is inside my usb external hard drive and nowhere else, silly me for not making back ups, I won't give up on making my work. I just pray phil will go easy on me.

Bad News: my external hard drive

Yesterday when I was making the textures for my log my computer turned off. soon when it was able to turn on I inserted my external hard drive into my computer. when I accessed it to see if my files are okay, but it was not responding. suddenly my external hard drive is not working and I am very worried because all of my files are in there and I did not save them anywhere else.
If anyone knows a lot about computers please can you help me to try and reactivate my external hard drive or tell me where is the nearest computer repair shop.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Unit 3: Fur Texture part 3

And now the finally fur texture which is applying a fur texture onto a Santa hat.
Now I know it's way too early for Christmas but this was on the tutorial so merry delayed/early Christmas :)

Unit 3: Fur Texture part 2

Here is part 2 of 3 of my texture tutorials. This is just learning new ways of controling the density of fur textures using the ramp material. But once you set up the density of the fur texture you need to bake it or it won't show when rendered.

Unit 3: Fur Textures part 1

I know that this Unit is long over due but I was using it to help me with the fur textures on my spore character, which it did. So here part 1 of is all of the fur textures

Bear Fur

Bison Fur

Mix of Other Furs

Polar Bear Fur

Bear Fur Density control

Unit 6: my characters for the slime mold animation

I have finish making my two characters in maya.
The first image is my slime mold character. I first began with a circle and reshaping it to have a curvy pyramid like shape, this is the body. I then made a second circle and made it an oval, this is the nucleus. I thought of using the nucleus to act as the eye for the slime mold. I then duplicate the body and scale it a bit bigger than the previous body and transparent it, this is the outer layer of the slime mold. The colours I have chosen for the slime mold are yellow for the body and the outer layer and pinkish purple for the nucleus. Although my slime mold character is more or less finish I still have to rig it and do some blend shapes as well.

The next image is my spore character. I made three spheres, an open one, a normal one and an oval shape one, and I added fur to them. The opened sphere is a nurb shphere and it is meant to represent a spore opening up so the slime molds can get out. This was just a test out one of the nurbs shpere functions. The oval sphere is more closely resembles the shape of my final concept art of my spore, but I might need to change the colour to the other two sphere.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Unit 6: Pitch Day

Today was Group A's turn to provide a pitch for Mr Klappa. I actually took this as an opportunity to gather some more information on the slime molds like, do the slime molds have a nucleus, and is the spore actually a shell for the younger slime mold living inside.
Every one shown great works today but I do have personal favs, like Sam's fern adventure, Jolanta's slime molds in a cave and Jordan's mushroom music video and Adam,s alien slime molds.
But that doesn't everyones was bad I actually like how everyone Group A presented their work and I can't wait to see then in their 3D glory.
I also shown my work too and I was pleased with the feedback I have gotten from Phil and Mr Klappa. Now all I have to do is to work at making my animation a reality.

Unit 6: Pre-vis

Here is my pre-vis showing the techniques that I will be using form my animation.
I have added some still images from my animatic to show what the techniques are used for.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unit 6: The Fruiting Body Animatic

Here is my finished animatic, I have also added some sound effects and music.
The theme of the story is sacrifice to let their young live on.

Please leave me some feed back to let me know how it do.

Unit 6: storyboard layout

Here is my finished storyboard, I have did some changes like adding some new scenes, and editing some old ones and reusing some of the scenes. I first did them in hand, them I edit them on photoshop and finally add all of the scenes on paper. I thought I was going to make four storyboards but end up making five.
The story takes place around the development of the fruiting body. Having the old slime molds sacrificing themselves so the new slime molds can live on.

Unit 6: concept arts

I finished all of my concept arts. I based three of them on then scenes from my storyboard and one on the character design of my slime mold and the spores.
The first concept art is from the first scene of my animation which is a log in the middle of a forest. This is meant to show the location of where my animation is taking place. I wanted to make the area look interesting but get the audiences interest on the log.

The second concept art is a side view of a group of fruiting bodies. It also show my final design for my fruiting body. This concept art carries a mix of leaning and straight fruiting bodies to put a bit of realism into them. I also made the background greenish to give it a nature feel.

The next concept arts are my final design of my slime mold and my spore. While researching the slime molds I have learned they each have a nucleus, and I thought I could use it as an eye for the slime molds. As for the spores I was giving it a furry appearance by making it curvy and adding some lines to indicate the hairs on it. The background once again is green so I could see if the colour I have chosen for my slime molds and spores won't clash with each other.

My final concept art takes place when the slime molds sees the spore capsule. I was making the spore capsule furry by making it curvy and adding some lines to indicate fur. I have also added an audience by adding yellow and drawing lines which is a darker yellow to detail them out.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Unit 6: Fruiting Body design

Yesterday I was designing different types of fruiting bodies and I found out the spore capsule's can be either furry or skin like. I chose to do a furry spore capsule because to me it makes a bit more sense since the spores are furry themselves. I have experimented with a skin like spore capsule and the effect was quite nice but I thought the furry spore capsule would suit my animation a bit more.
Who knows I might change my idea tomorrow.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Unit 6: Storyboard a.k.a FOR PHIL

Today I have finished storyboarding my story.
I know there are some rough parts here and there, but I will clean it all up hopfully tomorrow. And maybe get prepared for my animatic. I would also like some feed back from Phill if he sees this so I know that what I'm doing is not a waste. And if he can, he can look at my past posts as well.

Unit 6: scenery design and character design

Yesterday I started thinking up my story and also designing the scenery.
I first started designing the scenery which is a log in the middle of a forest. I was mainly practicing on drawing a log with the slime molds on top of it as well as practicing the texturing of the log and the slime molds when it turned into a fruiting bodies. I was please of how it turned out especially on image two of my log design with it's shape and the texturing.

Image 1

Image 2

On image three I was still designing my spores of how they would in my animation. I looked at different types of spores to help getting an idea on shaping my slime mold spore character. I still need to research slime molds to see which species has a nucleus.

Image 3

The last two images are my three act story and the title of my story is called 'The Fruiting Body.
Act one
My story begins with a log sitting in the middle of the forest with a slime mold on top of it. In the slime mold are a colony of slime molds.

Act two
They are all discussing the shortage of food and what to do about it. One of the slime molds suggest to make a fruiting body out of themselves so the spores can ride the wind to a different location and the slime molds can live on. All of them agree to it and begin to construct the fruiting body. At half way the slime molds are starting to die but still holding their position of in the fruiting body. Near the top all but one slime molds are dead, the last one used all of it's strength to hold the spore capsule of the fruiting body steady.

Act three
When the wind finally came the spores are then riding it. The last slime mold saw the spores flying out of the spore capsule and was happy, it then died peacefully knowing the spores will be safe.

Image 4

Image 5

I was going for a sad story with a happy ending. And it is targeted at children but there are some children films that have some sad moments with happy endings.