Saturday, 24 October 2009

Last Week Maya Work Tuesday

Here are week 4 of my Maya work.
The first lots was different type of textures.

Glass texture render

The first one was a glass texture, this didn't take too long to finish. I like how the model is see through and how curvy the background is through the model.

Matte texture render

A matte is a none shiny object like wood, and that was the next texture I had to make.
It wasn't hard and it too didn't take too long to make.

Plastic texture render

The third texture I had to make was a red plastic texture. It looks like a plastic toy figure, but I still like the glass texture.

Silver texture render.

All I have to say the texture I made really make this model looks like a metal statue.

Bad Chrome texture render

Chrome texture render

I posted two chrome renders to show when I was following the guide. The first chrome render ,the bad one, has it's settings wrong for it's colour. The actual colour was a blue or purplely colour, I don't know, I'm colour blind. So I tried my best to match my chrome colour to the colour of my reference picture. It was hard.

Gold Texture render

Same as the Silver texture. This texture looks like a statue but made of gold.

Glow without Glow texture render

Glow Texture render

Hidden source Glow texture render.

The last three are renders of different type of glow. Mainly th second render and the third render. I like the third one because it looks spooky. The first render, without glow, was done by accident because I forgot to activate the glow.

Bottle render

The next project was to texture a drink bottle. It wasn't hard, but it did took long to make. However I am pleased of the out come of the final render.

Detective Desk render

This one wasn't about texturing but actually how to make our renders look better, by adding blurrs to the back ground and sharpening the foreground. I had to make three renders of this, one was just a render, the second was and ambient render, and the third was a zdepth render. I actually like this one out of all the renders, because the render looks so cool.

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