Monday, 19 October 2009

Last week Maya homework.

Last week Thursday I have finished all of my Maya work for week 3.
This time it was, the different type of lighting for a scene.
The first scene I was to set a light in the cinema.
I had to use both Maya and Photoshop for this one because for Maya I had to set up the light while in Photoshop I had to edit the picture to make it blurry.

Cinema scene layout

Cinema render

The next one was a Glow from a doorway. The only proble I came across was when I rendering the image the glow did not set right on the ground. It turns out I didn't tell the main light to bright through the plane behind the character.

Glow render

The third one was a beach sceen. I don't think I came across any problems when setting the light in this scene.

Beach render

The forth one was to set a light in a display room. Same as the last one I didn't came across any problems.

Display render

Once I have finished all the lights for diffenrt scenes. I then started then next one. Which was, different styles of light. The first one was an Early Morning style. I didn't came across any problems when I was setting the light, but this effect felt a bit dull.

Early Morning render

The next one was a Mid Morning style. Same as the last one I didn't came across and trouble when I was setting the light, but this one feels a little better then the last one.

Mid Morning render

The third one was a Night effect. This lighting style was also easy to make, thats because I used a guide to help me, but still it was easy to make.

Night render

Next was a Horror lighting style. However to me this one has more of a film noir effect to it then horror.

Horror render

The Sci-fi style is the same as the Horror one, but a bit lighter. I think this one was ment to repersent the old Sci-fi films that were black and white.

Sci-fi render

The last one is the Fire style. this one gave me a bit of problems because I had trouble choosing the colours. I chose a Red colour by mistake. What I really ment to choose was a mix betwwen red and orange, to give a more better firiy look.

Fire render

The next homework was to animate objects. the first one was to animate a robot skating across the scene. This one took a while to animate because I had to set most of his actions to rotate infinatly. However I am pleased of how the animation went.

Robot render

The last object I had to animate is a rocket thats following a path. The only problem I came across was saving the animation. Other than that it went well.

Rocket render

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