Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Self Initiated Project part 14: New Shooter Costume Turnaround and Mop

During this week I was making some changes to two of my designs that did not have the right appearance. The first was the Shooter costume, I went for the pillow bullet proof vest and did a complete turnaround to see what it looks like from all around the model. The second design is the mop, apparently the last model looked more like a brush than a mop so I did some changes on the head to make it more mop like.
I even redone the model of the mop too.

Shooter Turnaround

Mop Design

Mop Mesh

Mop Wire

Mop UV

Mop UV Map Layout

Please leave some feedback if you think they need some improvements.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Self Initiated Project part 13: Last Week Interim Crit

Last week my class had an Interim Crit. We had to show the group where are we at in our project. For me I am in between the modelling and rigging process in my projects and once I am done with them I will finally begin animating.
Self Initiated Project Presentation

On a side note when I went back to my shared apartment with Ethan C he gave me some helpful feedback on my soldier costume. He said that the costume does not carry the feeling that my other costumes have. We then bounce some ideas until we felt giving him a poorly made bullet proof vest would work for the shooter design.
Here are some of the design that I had made for him.

The design I have decided to settle on the the pillow one because it covers most of the body.

Please leave some feedback if you have any suggestions on improving my animation.