Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Yesterday was life drawing day!

I had Life Drawing yesterday and I forgot to upload my new images.
Lucky I remebered, well here they are.

Life Drawing 1
Actial size & Close up.

I was doing straight drawing again and i realised i need alot of work on shading.
I also didn't like how the eye on the left on the picture turned out.

Life Drawing 2
Actual size & Close up

Yesterday we were trying out a new way of drawing.
using our thumbs and pencils as our own measuring guide.
This was an interesting way of drawing because we were using it to get the body proportions right.
However it can also be quite pain full on the arm, because we had to strech out our arms to get a more accurate measurments.
I was quite please on the drawing, it's too bad that the legs came out wrong.
Oh well, learn from your mistakes.

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