Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My Final Self-Portrait

Here is my is my final self-portrait. It was meant to represent the two sides of me, good and evil, and what paths did I follow. However, when I shown in my presentation of my picture, everyone gave in their own idea of what this picture says to them. I think my favorite one was when one of my classmates said that this picture gave off an intimidation appearance, and I have to agree, it does. I think the reason why it failed to deliver my message is because I rushed it.

Here is my photo and my edited photo.
I came across the negative effect when I was fiddling with my camera, and that's what gave me an idea of doing a black and white portrait.

This picture was actually my original idea, but I chose the other one because I used too much effects, and I wanted mine to be judge by the message not by the amount of effects that went in to it. Although, now I wonder what type of feedback would I get if I used my original idea and not the other one. We will never know. The two spirit are meant to be the good conscience and the bad conscience giving their inflyuence to their host. The host has a sad face because he doesn't know which side too choose. The portrait also show's the person being haunted by two ghost and are trying to influence him.
Here are my photos and the process of how they all became on final portrait.
spirit 1, the host, and spirit 2

I first wanted them to be the same size to show that spirit 1 and 2 are the same height as the subject, but I did a close up on my face so I decied top make them small, just small enough to sit on his shoulders. Finally I gave them the black and white treatment. Then I edited them to the picture you see above.

I think I got most of the black and white idea from Andy Warhol's Self-Portrait with Camouflarge, because the effect it has give it a mysterious and spooky feel.

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