Saturday, 31 July 2010

Unit 5: Maya Walkcycle Animation

For my final tutorial I had to do four different walkcycles:: Basic, Contact Method, Double Bounce and Down Pose. It really helped a lot on learning how to animate a walkcycle and adding life to it. Here is the video showing all four walkcycles in three different views: 3/4 view, front view and side view.

Well that's all the tutorials for the first year Maya homework I am so happy That I finished all of it, now I can start on my summer project.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Unit 4: Different Camera Rigs and Three People Conversation

Here are all of my work from Unit 4 of my Maya lesson. The first two videos are just pre-vis that shows different ways of filming a two person conversation and a three person conversation.
Two Person Conversation

Three Person conversation

The next three videos are animation test. The first video is a pivot bounce having the ball bounce to where it's pivot/center is located. The second video is a center bounce having the ball bounce on it's center. And the last video is a rotation bounce having the ball bounce across the area while rotating.
Pivot Bounce

Center Bounce

Bounce and Rotation

The last two videos are object animation the first video are the paper clips and the second video is a pendulum.
Paper Clips


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Unit 3: Camera Rig and Texture Tutorials

Finally finished all of Maya Unit 3 Tutorials.
I began doing the camera rig tutorial first since it was very easy to do.
The purpose of the camera rig is to give it more of a real camera feel with its panning, pitch and roll movement. I have also added a third grid and a diagonal grid to the camera so I can plan out the shots better.

The next tutorial I have finished is texturing a treasure chest and adding a background to it. This tutorial goes in more detail in texturing a model, by giving it some colour, making a bump map for a rough surface and adding a spectral map to show which parts needs to be shiny.
The images are layed out to show the order of how i textured the treasure chest scene, first the ground, map, coins, and jewels. Next was the barrel, then the treasure chest and finally the background.

The final tutorial shows more different ways of texturing models with only mayas own materials by mix and editing them. All four of the tutorials show the many uses of the ramp node, from changing the colour of a model to how see through it can be. The first images shows the blood cell texture. I made it by using a cloud texture for the inside and out side of the blood cell and adding a cloud bump map. The second image shows one plane with two textures. When texturing a model in maya both of it's sides will have the same texture so the tutorial of the second image shows how to give an object two different textures on both of it's sides. The third image shows water droplets. Basically the tutorial shows how to make a more realistic water droplets by making the model transparent and shiny. The last two images shows an xray material. The reason there are two images is to show the different lighten of the xray one darker and one lighter. This is to show an example of a glow for an xray.

I haven't posted the fur tutorials because I have already posted them on my blog.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What did I do Today 1

Today I went to my old GP to do a blood test. I reason why I went to do a blood test is because lately I am having trouble eating food even when I am very hungry I just can't eat my food properly. Actually just thinking about food makes me sick, I don't like it :(. It's been going on for a long time so I went to my old GP last week to see what was wrong, they don't know yet so they gave me some pills that could settle it and ask me to book a for the 14 of July (today), but getting the blood sample wasn't the hard part it was the fasten I had to do yesterday. I couldn't eat all day I was very hungry but I had water to fill me up since that was the only thing I could have. The strange thing is even when I was super hungry I still find food unappealing. I'm worried. So when the nurse took my blood sample she said I might get my results next Monday.
Lets hope it's nothing serious.

Unit 2: Street Project

For the past two weeks I was finishing up one of my long over due works, the Maya street project.
I first finish making the building. The only problem I had making the building was laying out the UVs. Some of the UVs where a bit bigger than expected so I had to layer them out differently, other than that the rest went fine.

Next was the lamp post. I really thought the tutorial for this one was helpful in learning about the different uses of the cylinder UV planner and plane UV planner.

Next was the railing. I have learnt some short cuts in duplicating objects without keep on laying out the UVs by laying out the UVs of one object first then duplicating it.

Next is the fire hydrant. Nothing much here its just a combination between the two tutorials of the lamp post and the railing. My only complaint is that the big front pipe of the fire hydrant doesn't look like it is merged to the body.

The last image shows the finished product of all of my tutorials in unit 2, I am so glad I was able to finish this tutorial:), now to work on the others :(.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Yesturday was my Birthday :)

Yes its true July the first was my birthday. And I enjoyed it, but the one thing that was bit of a downer was that my birthday was also the day when I have to pay my first deposit on mine, Ethan, Bharathi and Shafi's appartment/house. But besides that it was a good day. I also made my own birthday cake, my mum wanted to make it but I thought why not try something new on my birthday and bake my own cake. It was good, of course my mum helped out too. So yeah I enjoyed it but now its back to work :(