Monday, 5 October 2009

Last Week Maya Homework

Last week Thursday i had finally finished my Maya Dice Cube.
It may sound simple but it's not. There where so many steps to take.
The good thing , I had a guide to help me build my Dice
The first Step was to make a project file then save a sceen.
Next I had to make a 3D cube and re size it.
Though steps were easy the long and hard part are coming up.
Next I had to split the polygons of my cube and extrude the faces.
First I had select spercific faces on the cube first before I had to extrude them.
After that I then had to resize them. This part took me a while to figure out because once you select the square, some special features pop up on that lets you move or scale the cube.
the move feature is repersented by arrows while the scale feature is repersented by squares.
The scale features are at the tips of of the move features and are invisible.
When I finally the Scale feature I felt quite dumb.
I carried on exturding the Faces until they looks like little boxes.
So once I finished scaleing the selected faces I then had to texture it.
Texturing my cube felt quite easy actually, because I had the guide to guide me thought the steps.
Once I finished texturing my cube, all that was left is to make a scene, duplicate my cube and render the whole thing.

My thoughts was that I am glad, that I have finished my model and pleased of how it turned out.
If I could change something however, I would make the floor more interesting. Instead of just having one colour. I would like to add a casino table texture to it.

The scene lay out

The render

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