Thursday, 8 October 2009

Two models in one day.

Today I have finally finished all of my 3D homework.
The first one is the toaster which I had already uploaded in my blog
The second was my Magnifying Glass.

Magnifying Glass
Scene Layout & Render

Making the Magnifying Glass wasn't very hard, it was actually very easy.
I would of finished it yesterday but room DM3, the room I was working in, was closing.
It closes at five. I don't think I have ran into any trouble while making the Magnifying Glass.

Electric Fan
Scene Layout & Render

Making the Fan was Long and very annoying to make.
There were so many parts to make for this model.
First was the fan blades, next was the support disc and the cage disc, then the fan head and the fan head detail, the fan stem, and so on.
The guide I was using to make the fan had alot of errors, but at the sametime it felt like a learning experience. Using your head when you get stuck.
In the end, it was all worth it. I have made a pretty cool fan that I am proud of.

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