Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Concept art project: the judge.

This is what I think the judge look like in the story The Pit and the Pedulum.
This is just my own opinion of what he looks like. I will do a lot of research on the year this took place or when the book was made.


  1. Hey there,

    on this project the characters aren't the focus, try and think of what the environments are like. They are the stars of the show in this project.

  2. Indeed, Shahbs! If you're focusing on the characters you've got the wrong end of the stick; the clue is in the title of the unit 'Space' - it's about spaces, places and environments, not people; people should only be used if it helps describe the scale of the space you're depicting... please, Shahbir - read your brief and do try to LISTEN to me when I tell you stuff; I made it quite clear at the briefing what the emphasis of the project is and it WASN'T characters! By now you should be researching the era in which The Pit & The Pendulum is set (The Spanish Inquisition), plus all architectural/cultural references that will help you design in a literate and justified way... Look at the dates of the 2 stories and start your research there... for instance, architecturally, what would the House of Usher logically look like? Reality should always be the starting place for fantasy... Concentrate, focus and prove to me that you can plan and manage a creative project independently!