Thursday, 29 October 2009

Concept Drawings 2, Buildings.

Today I was looking for books on prisons, dungeons and torture rooms in the 1800 to give more of an idea of what the jail cell look like in Allan Poe's short story 'The Pit and The Pendulum', but I couldn't find any. I did however find books on buildings and I thought I could use this to help me design the house in 'The Fall House of Usher' and also design the inside as well. One book about London's architect while the other talks about Gothic England.

I did some sketches from the Gothic England book to because the building inside are very old, but have amazing textures and shapes. I ink the sketches to make them more visible when I scan them to my computer.

And here are the picture I used from the book, I only chose certain parts of the buildings that looked easy to draw, but soon I will try to draw complicated buildings.

First Picture: Canterbury Cathedral. Second picture: York Minster.

Finally here are the compairisons between my sketches and the buildings, I only drew the shapes and parts that sort of stand out.

If anyone knows any books about prisons or dungeons or even old buildings from of near the 1800s please leave a comment.


  1. Great start, one thing to think about in the pit is the scale of the room and the buildings themselves, try and put yourself in the position of the protagonist and imagine the scenes through his point of view.

    In regards to reference:

    There are a lot of wedsites on the net covering photography from sensitive areas such as disuded air, army and naval bases, factories, napoleonic forts etc. some of the pics aren't best quality but are good reference.

  2. Shahbir

    Did you have a valid reason for missing todays classes? Did you let Jackie know?

  3. Shahbs! Sort it! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but I've TOLD all of you a million times NOT to email me, but to notify Jackie Andrew in the design office if you're unable to attend. I'm so busy at UCA I don't check my emails until I'm home in the evening. If you'd contacted Jackie, she would have informed Alan of your illness, so he wouldn't have had to waste his very precious time contacting you on your blog and I wouldn't be writing this message at 11pm at night! NOTIFY JACKIE IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ABSENT FROM CLASS!!!!

  4. a starting point for your understanding of the social and cultural context of the Pit & the Pendulum...

  5. Hi Shahbir! Ethan is also doing the Poe work, and has a couple of books out of the library that might be of use to you...speak to him or me on Monday!