Sunday, 11 October 2009

My self portraits 1

Okay I've been delaying this for far too long it is time for me to post some of my own portraits.
The first one was an idea I've had for a long time. Drawing your portrait without picking up your pen, and drawing your portrait without picking up your pen and looking at the paper.
The effect of this portrait is that you see someone familiar but you can't make them out.
I have this problem a lot, who doesn't, like meet someone who knew me but I don't remember them.

This is the picture I used for my portraits, I tried to take my picture with out flash but The always come out blurry.

My first portrait was drawing my picture without picking up my pen. I sort of failed at my attempt at this because sometimes I did pick up my pen. However I did tried to place my pen to it's original spot. To me the picture looks happy, yet when I took my picture it was neutral. also in the picture it looks like I was Drooling.

And here are my last two. The picture on the left is drawn by my right hand and the one on the right is drawn by my left. I drew the pictures with my left and right hand because I wanted to see what effects they will have. I only drew my head not the body because I want my face to be distorted.

First lets look at the picture that was drawn by my right hand. In this picture I look angry and animal like. The animal that comes to mind is a bull. It's just the way my eyes look and the shape of my mouth and nose.

However on my last picture, which was drawn by my left hand, I look tired. And once again I look like an animal, but not a bull but a goat. It might be the lengeth of my face and the way my eyes , and my mouth and nose are positioned.

I actually thought that drawing my protrait without picking up my pen was a good idea and liked how it turned out. Just I need more practice on drawing my picture without picking up my pen a bit more.

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