Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Taking Pictures.

Today I was fiddeling with my camra and I have discovered something when i was playing with the flash function.

The first image was taken with the flash.
To me, using the flash gave this picture a scary feel to it.
It just the background is so dark and the figure, me, is so bright.
Whats even strange is that the room has a light on.
What I find cool about this effect, was that I was very detaild, from the wrinkels from my shirt to the wrinkles on my skin.
and the highlights are mainly around my brow, nose, cheaks chin and my ear. The highlight sort of points out where the skull is more visiable, even though the ear has no bone, it feels like it.

This image was taken without the flash.
and it has a warm apperance.
although the picture looks clear far away, if you click on it, it is actually quite blurry. that is where the warmness of this picture comes from I belive. The background is more visiable then in the first picture. Although there are not much in the background, you can tell whats there, a coat and a door. In the first picture the coat looks longer then the second picture.

What I am getting at is that the flash and the lightness around the area does make a difference.
Just pick out which style you want. A dark, detailed scary picture, or a warm blurry picture.

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