Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Maya Tutorial: Particles Dynamics part 3 and Match Making part 1

Here is the first set of the of the forth unit Maya tutorials however the cradle tutorial did not make it in because it still needs fixing but there will be more to come. I did asked help on the main group blog but no reply.
*Update* I looked back at the cradle tutorial and I forgot to add a gravity field on to all the balls, man I feel silly.

Also I have finished the first match making tutorial and although it went okay I did have some bumps. One in particular was the layering out the benches in different locations. I tried to make all my benches match with the image, but when Alan shown the match making scene when he finished modelling it I notice he deformed some of the benches. It would of helped if he explained it in the tutorial or maybe he did when we had our first lesson on this subject and I forgot.

all in all everything did went well and there are still more tutorials on their way.
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Thursday, 26 May 2011

E4 Sting Competition Progress 02: Animatic and Pre-vis

For my E4 Sting animation I thought of having the E4 logo carving an even bigger E4 logo on the moon with a laser cannon. It is meant to capture the cocky side of the E4 logo that it feels it can brand anything.

The first video is an animatic storyboard of my E4 Sting animation.

The next video is Pre-vis, which is just a rough demo of the final product of my animation for the E4 Sting competition.

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E4 Sting Competition Progress 01: My Making of

Here is my 'Making of' for my E4 animation. It should carry enough information on what I was doing over the past five weeks, from brain storming ideas to making the pre-vis animation.

E4 Sting 2011 Making Of_02

Maya Tutorial: Particles Dynamics part 2

Here is the last particle animation set in the third unit Maya tutorial. Although it was interesting learning about how the particles work, I think I need more practice in writing the scripts for the particles because I think it will help me a lot when I need to order the particles to do specific things like producing a variety of size of each particles.

Particle set

Particle Tree image

Friday, 20 May 2011

Transcription part 19: Pre-Vis Walkcycle and Turnarounds

Here is some pre-vis of my transcription project. It consist the walkcycle of Albert and his turnaround from texture to wire frame as well the turnarounds of the set.

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Maya Tutorial: Particles Dynamics

Here are some of the Particles Dynamics I have done so far, I am almost done just got a few left.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Maya Tutorial: Game Legs, UV Map and Normal Map

Here are the last part of the Game Maya tutorials and the beginning of the Normal map.
First I have finished the legs and the shoes of the game character model then I started laying out the UVs of the meshes. Once I have finished laying out the UVs I then combined all the meshes to make on big model. In my opinion I feel that the torso looks a bit oddly shape but all in all this was an interesting modelling tutorial.

The next tutorial I have started is the normal texture tutorial.
Normal textures are meant to give off a 3D looking effect on a flat mesh this is helpful for texturing game objects like walls, tables, pavements etc.

The first image is a render of the the flat plane with the Maya software render, as we can see it's not very pleasant.

The second image is with a mental ray render and it looks much better. Looking at the render the object looks like it has some depth to it, but looking at the last image the object is actually flat with the normals applied to give the sense of depth.