Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Today I have watched the film Metropolis and it was amazing.
The music was good, the idea of the workers being treated badly by their employers acting like two races that lives on one planet, but what really caught my interest was the effects.
when I hear black and white films, I think of old films with horrible effects.

And I am glad I was wrong. The effects in this film are way better then the effects I see nowadays, because they actually look and feel real. When we watch a film nowadays we can tell that was special effects, but when I watched Metropolis I actually had some hard times tell them apart. I especially loved how the buildings were done they actually look great.

The story of the film is about the main character Freder's farther making sure that the workers do not start a riot. And take everything he made away from him. So he asked a scientist he knows to ruin their chances of standing up for themselves, But it all backfires.

Out of all the characters in the film, it's the robot I feel sorry for. For one thing it was programmed to cause the destruction of the city. So all the blame should go to the person who invented it.

I actually like this film a lot for the uses of effects and the story.

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