Sunday, 1 November 2009

help on my essay

Yeah I'm pretty stuck on what to write for my concept art essay.
For the game concept, I thought I could talk about one game that is based off one of my favorite franchises, Ghostbusters the video game. I thought I could talk about the concept arts for the stages and compare it with the in game stages, looking at the changes they made from the concept art, some of my own opinions on the game like what design from the concept they should of stayed in the final design.

For movies I thought I could talk about the black and white movie metropolis and the anime remake metropolis. seeing the different in concept design in buildings and robots, but if I need to pick one of them. I will pick the anime remake because I have watched that one first.

I am also stuck on my perception essay as well. I just don't know what perceptions is. I got the idea of what it is but I don't know how to write it in essay form. What research I should do, or what or how should I write an essay on perception.

I thought of talking to Tracy tomorrow but still I need a little more help on these essays.


  1. Hi Shahbir! Thanks for your comments on my blog...unfortunately you have the wrong Jackie though! If you are ill, you need to call Jackie Andrews in the design office - I will get Phil to give the details again tomorrow. Don't worry, you are not the only one who is confused!! :)

  2. Okay - some important tips re. the essay. What I DON'T want is 1,500 words of general observations about the 'look' of a game or film; what I'm looking for is some genuine research into the creative team/rationale behind the creation of a particular world (for instance, for Superman Returns, there was a conscious effort on behalf of the production designers to create an amalgamation of time periods, so that the film had a retro/contemporary quality that referenced the forties as well as the present day); another way to discuss the 'look' of a film/game in a contextualised way is to gather together lots of film/reviews and cross-reference the similarities between observations, as reviewers identify 'trends' and 'meanings' in the production design. I want you to actually 'deconstruct' the look of something in intellectual terms, and not just bang on about the obvious stuff - this should be your mantra - AVOID GENERIC OBSERVATIONS! Find an angle, support it with external evidence and PROVE your analysis... Obviously then, I'd choose something about which you can dig up the relevant information...