Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Invasion From MARS!!!! review

Today me and my class was about to watch a different film called 'Dead of the Night', which is a movie that has a lot of shot stories to tell, but something happened with the film so we end up watching 'Invaders From Mars, 1953 '.

The story of Invaders From Mars is that a space ship lands near a house that's outside in a field and a little boy notices it. So when he told his parents about it, the dad decided to go out and take a look at where the space ship had landed, but he got sucked into the sandy area and came out as a different person. Soon everyone started to change into mindless drones, but the military caught wind of this and decided to take action.

The movie is good but the way it's starts is quite similar too Invaders of the Body Snatchers, 1956, as in everyone started to change into emotionless people, and one man learns about this and tries to get help. Only this time a little boy is the one who warns everyone and only two scientist believes him. And I felt when the military hears about this, it feels like an add on the Body Snatchers film, to see how the fight will play out. The funny thing is that this film was made before Body Snatchers.

The setting of the film looks out of the ordinary, the hill in the beginning looks deserted and yet pleasant,

The neighborhood resembles a typical happy homey place, the inside of the police station looks frightening and the telescope building resembles a cannon and the battle between the aliens and humans takes place in the little boys garden was bizarre as well. And it works, I don't think many people might of notice it because it all looks normal.

This film also uses too many special effects near the end and stock footage, but the atmosphere in the end was all about suspense. Will the army unit save the girl, will they find the boy and will everyone make it out alive. All of these questions was flying around my mind.
The ending of the film shows that all of this was a dream made up by the little boy, but later on the event starts up again. I have to say this ending was impressive. I mean the entire ordeal was a dream but it ends with the alien space ship landing in the same area. This ending could be a premonition of whats coming, another dream sequence or the little boy is just crazy.

To wrap this up, Invasion From Mars was an enjoyable film. There were some boring moments, but the acting and the setting was impressive. An example of the acting is the dad. He started out rocky but when he turns into a mindless drone he sound believable and scary.
This film is good to watch but not so much to get too hooked on.

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