Monday, 14 December 2009

Environment art 7: Reference images

I have gathered some Images to help me come up with a better idea for my final picture. I chose a bedroom because I think mirrors are mainly placed in the bedroom. And the way they are placed it's like eyes are watching the home owners sleep or more. Also if they are placed in a way of reflecting a window, the mirror will then end up watching use, keeping record of what we are doing outside. The setting I chose is of the 1960's, because I felt the 60's were a bit more colourful.

The first two images were the different designs of a mirror, first one has petals while the second one has an arm. The second image seems more interesting because of the arm that is attach to it. By moving it around the reflection in the mirror changes.

The next set are of the refelections that comes of the mirrors. Once again the second image Is a bit more interesting because the beackground of the image is white but the reflection has alot of content inside it.

The next set are of the different type of bedrooms. Although number four seems to take place in a bathroom. What I like about number four is how there are so many mirrors on one side of the room reflecting the other side of the bathroom.

The forth set Are of wallpaper except the last one, it is a window design of a wall paper. I actually like the first one and the last one they both have very interesting pattens

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