Wednesday, 2 December 2009

28 Days Later

Yesterday Phil was talking about the uncanny, he was saying that the uncanny can be dolls that looks alive or things that's out of the ordinary. Like a busy town suddenly is quit. He used 28 Days Later (2002) as the example of a populated city that became secluded. I though watching this film would give an example of the uncanny.

28 Days Later is a survival horror and it start with a bunch of animal rights people releasing the chimpanzees from a lab, which they later learned the chimps are infected. One bit from them and you will become a zombie. After all that the entire film is just about a group of people looking for a safe place to stay and wait for the zombie infestation to die out.

The main setting of the film is loneliness. Everywhere our main characters go there's nothing. From populated towns, trains tracks, flats to supermarkets, roads and motorways.
The motorway scene (Figure 2) I have to say is really interesting because on the motorway there is no cars in sight. It looks just like a ghost town, there's no signs of life anywhere. And the fire at the very top of the scene shows' that the main characters are reaching danger and there's no turning back.

To tell the truth I thought this movie will have a lot of action. But it actually shows that living in a zombie apocalypse isn't all about shoot the dead. It's how you cope being alone in a lonely world and trying to stay alive.

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