Monday, 14 December 2009

Environment art 6: Mirrors sketches

For the past few weeks I was still coming up with the design of my mirror for my final picture. The type of mirror I want for my picture is a simple yet interesting mirror, maybe stylize the frame around the mirror.

The first sketch was to make a type of fancy texture. I got this idea from the image at the bottom. I also did a tiny sketch of what type of mirror I want.

The second image is one of the scenes I thought up for my picture. The idea of it is to show the mirror as a type of portal to a nightmareish reflection of a nice looking room. The center line is the mirror from it's side

The next two images are designs from my mirror. I like the second one because it has some textures around it.

The fifth sketch is of the referecne image at the bottom that I found on the internet. While the last sketch is just a perspective drawing. To see what effect the picture will have from a different angle.

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