Monday, 14 December 2009

Photoshop Lessons texture and perspective drawings.

For the past few weeks I learnt how to make a texture tile and make a picture from a different perspective.
First was the texture tile. The purpose of the a texture tile was to make a continuous texture on an object or model. The texture tile I had made was the brick texture.

The steps I took in making my brick tile was first select a piece from a the picture and crop it. Next clean it up with the clone tool to get it ready to be offset. Offset is used to bring the edges in the picture into the center. Once that was done, I use the clone tool in the center of the offset so it looks natural. Here's an example of the offset without using the clone tool to make it look neat and natural.

Next was making a picture using the free transformation tool: perspectives.
The tool was quite tricky to use at first but I soon got the hang of it. The tricky part was getting the right perspective. I use this as an opportunity to seen what my mirror scene would look like from a different perspective. The idea of my picture was to make a room next to a big mirror, but in the reflection was a completely different room.

This was just an experiment to see what my picture would look like from a different angle. I also had some assistance from the measurement tool and making my own lines of perspectives. To make the lines of perspective I first had to make a couple of lines going a cross the page and put a selected box are them then use the free transform tool: perspective, and set up the perspective of the lines.
I feel these tools will help soon when making my final piece.

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