Monday, 21 December 2009

Something Uncanny happened to me.

On the night of Friday the 18 everyone in Flat13, the accommodation I am living in, went away to see their families for the Christmas holidays, and I was all alone. I haven't realize how quit the halls was because usually it pretty noisy so living in quietness just felt scary. I actually started to get a bit paranoid, thinking there was someone following me. I was so scared :(. Although I have made it thought the night unharmed I still remember that uneasiness of silence.

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  1. I had a similiar experience in September, I had got home from work at about 14:30 and after about 10 mins I noticed the house was silent no electrical hum, no fridge noises etc. etc. I nipped outside and it was also very quiet there I spent a couple of seconds starting to get slightly freaked when I realised it was a power cut that had made all the electrical things stop, including next doors lawn mower that I hadn't even noticed he was using till the sound was no longer there. I guess that means the absence of something that is so taken for granted can create the uncanny.