Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Environment art 4: Mirrors

For a couple of days I was looking at images of mirrors hoping to find what other people think of them and not just an object to look at. And to my luck I have found a lot of images of how the public sees mirrors. Some of the pictures are more interesting.

The first picture is of an old man looking into a ball that reflects the room he is in, in a distorted fashion. I picked this picture because it shows that a mirror doesn't have to be neat and tidy.

The next image shows a black woman looking into a mirror that shows her as a white woman. To me it show there are no difference between them except colour. But read the text underneath he picture, it shows that this is more of a reminiscent to snow white and the seven drawfs.

The third picture shows a woman looking at her reflection, which shows an old and ugly woman, while from behind she looks quite attractive. However the woman is not even bothered by this. Maybe she sees herself as a beautiful woman, but to us we see an ulgy person.

But my favorite picture has to be the picture of a very skiny girl looking into a mirror and sees herself as a fat person. This shows that some are strugeling with the way they see themselfs. Maybe to us she is too skinny, but in her mind she sees herself as a very obese girl.


  1. There are some intersting images here, Shabir, showing how a mirror, that we take to show us the truth about ourselves, can portray something very warped and distorted...

  2. Do you have a reference for the artists here ? In paticular the black and white lady who looks attractive from behind and is actualyl ugly ?

  3. got it Otto Dix! Woman at the Mirror.