Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Environment Art 5: Mirrors

I did some sketches yesturday and today.
The first batch of sketches are a mix between yesturday and today drawings. I was coming up with some ideas on how I should make my mirror environment.

The first image was just a rough sketch of the picture where the girl is looking at herself in a mirror. I just like the idea of how the human mind sees itself when confronted with their own reflection.

The othere sketches where some ideas of the layout for my environment picture.
The very last sketch show's the reflection of a vase and each reflection show's how it was made and what will the outcome will be in the future.
My idea was to use the mirrors to reflect on how the object sees itself through age.

This next sketch was made today when I was flipping thought a bokk I borrowed from the libary. I just like the idea of how the mirror is depicted as an endless tunnel.

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