Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mirrors as portals to the Spirit world

When I was looking at mirrors, Phil gave a list of films that that uses mirrors as a type of gate way to the spirit world.

The first film is Dead of Night: Mirror.

The story was about a wife who buys a mirror for her and husband's bedroom. but when every the husband looks into the mirror, he sees a different bedroom. Soon he is then possesed by an evil spirit.

When I watched this film the only thing that happened is that the mirror only shows a different bedroom, but when I learnt that the mirror belonged to someone angry and it carried the anger inside. The mirror has then became a lot more interesting. To know that a mirror can also capture the essence of it preious own and transfer it to someone else is actually very interesting.

Another film I watched was The Candyman.

Candyman is about a teacher from a university, investigating the legend about Candyman. I watched the film because it involves mirrors. The mirrors are used as a type of summoning tool, to call Candyman by saying his name five time in front of a mirror. Once he is summoned he then kills the person that last summoned him. At least that's what the legend says.
This film is all about learning the history of Candyman, although I don't think anyone mentioned why he was named Candyman, but we do find out who he is and what happen to him.
The film seems to borrow the mirror idea from a very old legend, Bloody Mary. To summoned her you need to say her name three times and she will kill the last person that called her.
What else I like about Candyman is they way started as an investigation to the Candyman legend. To give me more infomation on who is Candyman. I have to admit making the legend real was a bit disapointing, because then it ends up being a type of slasher. I like slashers but sometimes the film makers use them to make the film look cool, while actually they end up being stupid.

The only thing the two films has in common is that they make use belivev the main characters, the husband and the teacher, are crazy. And the both of them blames it on one thing, for the husband the mirror, for the teacher Candyman.

It either shows that both of them are crazy or the legends or the cursed mirror are real. One thing for sure, mirrors are not just things on a wall. They can be used for something much worse.

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