Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Stepford Wives (1975) Review

Today I will be reviewing the movie The Stepford Wives (1975)

The film starts with a family moving into Stepford, because living in New York was too crazy. But while there Joanna, the main character, felt that something is wrong with the women in Stepford. They all are so perfect. Soon her best friend Bobby became one of them and she felt that her turn is right around the corner.
Stepford Wives depicts the men as control freaks, not caring what the women thinks. They want their wives to be the ideal house wife that cooks, cleans and say yes to the husband's every needs without question. Of course real women aren't like that so why not make robots that are based off of their own wives. Dale Coba, also known as Diz, who is the villain of the film, gave the reason why the men are turning the women into the perfect wives, it is because they can. They have the power, the technologies so they used that to their own benefit. I think their plan of turning their wives into something more perfect is a good plan that went out of hand, instead of making their own wife from scratch, why not use the one they already have as their template.
There are some warnings to show that Stepford isn't all that it's seems. First would be Joanna's husband talking to his neighbor on the same day the two of them moved to Stepford. Another warning would also be when Carol, one of the Stepford Wives, started to repeat herself when talking about a recipes she must have. However to me the biggest warning is near the beginning when Joanna's husband is drunk and keeps telling her that he loves her.
When I see the wives in the film they all look too happy, so happy that it's frightening. Caring about cleaning more then anything else. And to add that they are robots increase the fear, that we are servants to technology. It takes use that one step closer when humanity will be obsoleat and the machine will rise. Sorry for sounding like conspiracy nut but that what it feels to me. However at the very end of the film we see all the wives in a shopping mall and they all look emotionless only when gretting one another is when they put on a smile. It shows the men are sad to think they gave up their real wives for poor replicas, and only being with these version they will be happy.
Stepford Wives really show's a different view on the world. Treating it as an unhappy place, that only making their own perfect partners is when they are truly happy.

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