Monday, 14 December 2009

Halloween (1978) review

Today I have watched John Carpenter's Halloween (1978),

and it is nothing what I imagine. When I hear people talking about Carpenter's Halloween I thought it was scary with a lot of gore. I got the scary right but not the gore.
The story of the film was about a mental patient name Micheal Myers escaping from an asylum and returning to his home town in Haddonfield, Illinois. While there he started to stalk a group of girls and began to murder them one by one.
Going back to what I said, I thought this film was going to have a lot of gore and blood. But the film mainly focus on the stalking then the killing. I believe the reason for this is to show that serial killers plan their murders before the start them. And I have to say that was different to me, and the film also did things which were more realistic. A good example was the phone call scene, when Michael Myers was outside one of the girls houses and leaves, the phone rang and the Laurie Strode, portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis, picked it up, there was no noise and Laurie hanged up, few seconds later the phone rings and Laurie picked up again and it turned out to be on of her friends how was playing a prank on her. Usually the killer does the phone ringing so I was quite pleased the film removed the cliche.
What I really like about the film was the scenery, everywhere I look there are lots of buildings and cars, but there's practically no one there, it looks like a ghost town with a very small population of people living there.
But what I think made this film a big success was the surrealness of Micheal Myers.
He is very agile and super strong. Not to forget his invulnerability, He gets stabbed in the neck by a knitting needle, poked in the eye by a clothes hanger, stab in the gut by his own knife, shot at by his psychiatrist and fell though a window. I don't know if him falling out of the window did him in but more or less he can sure take a lot of punishment.
All I have to say is, this film real is different from the other horror films I am used to and I am glad I experiance this.

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