Monday, 30 November 2009

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!!!! review

Today I have watched the movie 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', 1956.

The story of film is about aliens, who are all ready on earth and are taking over the planet slowly, one at a time. And when the main characters was telling everyone about this no one believes them.

I have to say this film is really good, it started off slow, but picked up alot in few minutes. Which I have to say quite impressive. When I heard about this movie I thought it was just an ordinary horror science fiction film. And I'm glad I was wrong, it's more than that. It's a science fiction film that actually captures my attention. Because science fiction films nowadays focus on explosions and action, some of them have a story that is golden, and bodysnatchers is one of them.

The entire film was narrated by the main character who is a doctor of his small town. And when hearing his story I felt that that the film could be a crazy story brought up by the doctors mind, I mean proper clones of people that came out of a seed or weird shape cabbage which is actually an alien, that sounds a bit too far fetched for me.

It also seems the movie is more than a science fiction film. That it has some relations to peoples reaction to Communism. Communism focus on making everyone alike there is no difference. and the movie focus on the bad side of communism, that being like everyone else is not a good thing.

John W. Whitehead, reviewer on Gadflyonline, explained that 'Body Snatchers invokes at least a double reading. It was both a mirror of a particular moment in history and a compass indicating the symptoms of a growing societal illness. Following World War II, the atomic bomb and the Korean War, Americans were confused and neurotically preoccupied with international political events—much like they are today. Siegel’s film addressed the dehumanization of individuals—a sensitive subject in an age filled with tales of political brainwashing of American soldiers by the Koreans—and the horrifying possibility which arose in the 1950s where humanity could become infused as part of the machine.'

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers have some impressive special effects, most amazing effect has to be when the pods has started to open, and the contents inside them started to take form.

The camera angles are impressive, especially near the ending. It has one of the most scariest moments I have ever felt, because the Doctor was warning the public that they are in danger. Aliens have come to take over our lives and I'm next, it's like the Doctor was actually talking to me. I think the camera angles of that scene really helped a lot to give the ending more of an impact.

But what I really like about the film was the setting. The idea of everyone who knows each other for a long time, just all of a sudden changed into something inhuman, was really good idea.

This movie was really entertaining, the setting, the story, how the movie has more than one meaning. All of was done so well. And when I heard there remakes of this movie I might do a review on them to see the differences between them. But for now Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, 1956, really is something that I enjoyed very well.

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