Friday, 13 November 2009

my concept art 7

Today I carried on reading The Pit and The Pendulum, and wrote some more notes to get a better understanding of the story.
What I am really surprised about is that I missed some very important detail in the book, like the dungeon is squared, and the walls are made of metal, while the floors are made of stone.
And I also missed the shape of the pendulum, I thought the end was a circular shape, but it wasn't it was crescent shape.

Here are some more scans of my notes and doodles.
also some reference pictures to give me an idea on making the crescent pendulum.


  1. Hi Shahbir,

    You have just found out why it is important to get your research sorted at an early stage, the importance of making notes, marking pages and of course re-reading your source material.
    Time for you to crack on and start sorting out your compositions etc.

    I'm also not seeing too much evidence of digital painting, how are Phil H's lessons going?

  2. Hi Shahbs, I have to echo Simon's comments - by now, your blog should be filling up with your various digital painting exercises and preliminary paintings; remember, you have to produce 3 resolved paintings, plus everything else. I wonder if you're working hard enough and putting the time in, Shahbs? It's clear that it takes you a while to get your conceptual motor running; you've got 2 weeks - you need to speed up, focus and be much more productive.