Sunday, 29 November 2009

My Final 3 Concept Arts

Before I start talking about my 3 concept arts, II must say that these aren't my best works. I made all three of them in two days with only the sketches as my guide. I didn't pick out the type of colours to use for my pictures, I followed my instincts, which wasn't a good idea. basically it all has to go down to bad time management, so my goal is to make time for all of my works.

The first picture is of the house of Usher. I wanted to use the sad colours to represent the atmosphere of the house. And to tell you the truth it did sort of worked but there are areas that needed a lot of work. For example the windows could of been a more darker blue or any other dark colours. The tree on the foreground could need a lot of work and I should of made the grassy fields more interesting.

I used the image underneath as a reference for my house.

[Close Up]

[Zoomed out]

The next concept art is the pit.
The picture is just a dungeon with a hole on the floor. I think what would of made this scene more interesting if I put some objects in the background, because when I was reading the story, it turns out there are more torture devices then just the pit and the pendulum. What I really find disappointing is how the metal walls turned out, they look like giant ice cubes.
In the criteria Phil said that it looks like a hole on the floor, and I think he's a bit right, but aren't pits are just holes in the floor. I think what might of made the pit more define if I did the shot from a different angle and put in some details on it.

Finally my last concept art. This is the pendulum.
There are parts that I am pleased of how they came out, like the bolts on the pendulum and the holes on the strap. But I didn't like how the metal walls came out as well as the pendulum.
First the pendulum, the blade looks nice but the wood beam is too thick, I should of slimmed it down a bit to make the blade look bigger.
The metal walls just don't look metallic,they just look bland.

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  1. Also – take a look at the following project blog – a collaboration between 2 third years, Pol Winandy and Jon Stewart; they’re creating an action-packed animated short; their attention to detail is formidable and they’re also working through all the inevitable tensions/complications that come with group working. It’s been a long, intense experience for them both, and, with five weeks to go, they’re moving into an even more pressurised phase. The environment stage is in the offing – so follow their progress and get a real insight into the minutiae of CG and story-telling; meet the future!