Monday, 23 November 2009

Concept art 8

I did some concept sketches for my picture of the pit and the pendulum in 19.11.2009.

The first picture was a bottem view of the pendulum, as you see at the top there is a picture of an old man who represent time.

The next sketches are of the main character in the dark.
The first picture was of the main character wondering around the dungeon in the dark. I thought this would be interesting because we get an idea of the type os situation he is in.
The next picture underneath is the main character looking inside the pit that he nearly fell inside. I made the pit big because that is what he might think when he was in the dark.

The next sketch was to get the idea of where the pit is and how big is it.
I did this sketch so I will get an idea of where the pendulum is placed.

Finally I did a sketch of the pit and some concept designs of the blade of the pendulum.
I wanted the pendulum to look old fashion by making a metlal clam like box to make the pendulum connected to the wooden beam. I gave the pendulum some spikes because when I was reading the story the main character compare the Blade of the pendulum to the blade of a saber.

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