Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Haunting (1999)

When I watched The Haunting(1963) yesterday I liked it a lot. So when I heard about the remake I was quite interested to see how different it is to the original. Oh boy was I in trouble.
The story about the film is the same as the 1963 version but with a villain. Huge Crain, the owner of the house, is the one who is scaring people.
This is where the film loses to the original. The 1963 version only villain is the house and it worked because to everyone the safest place is one's own home. Seeing it playing mind games with you is what no one wants, but having Huge Crain as the bad guy made this film too predictable.
When I was watching this film I notice it used too much CG, and I had it admit at points I can see what they were trying to go for making the house as one big life form and it sort of worked, but at times it was silly. Especially the part when the house was trying to have it's way with Eleanor in her bedroom, at lest that's how I see it, and the whole idea of having Eleanor as a savior was stupid, I am dead serious. When see died in the end, she was in a pose like she was crucified. I rather have her as a crazy person. But What I find really disapointing in this film was the way the house look from the outside.

I mean it looks cool but it looks like an entire city or village just merged into one, how can any one live in that I have no idea, and it looks nothing like the poster. This film didn't feel like a horror film it felt like a silly action adventure with some scares here and there.
My advice if you want to see a film that have Owen Wilson in a sucky horror film watch it, other than that avoid it.


  1. Your review made me 'laugh out loud' - and you're right about the design of the house in the remake - it's just too much! 'Owen Wilson in a sucky horror film' hahaha!

  2. I sometimes want to be a reviewer of films and games, thanks for the comments :)