Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Question for my essay

For my essay I will be talking about Ghostbusters The Video Game concept art and drawings.

Since some of the enemy characters fit certain areas in the game. Can I talk about them?

Can I use screen shots of the game in my essay?

Can I do comparisons with the characters and the ares in the game to the movie, example, the fire house and seadge wick hotel?

Can I talk about the concept artist in the game and see other projects he/she done and see if they put any of their old designs from other games into this one?

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  1. Hi Shabhir,

    in regards to what Phil has said, I shall go into a bit more detail as to what you should have in your blog by now.
    1.An analysis of the 3 scenes you are illustrating with sketches and annotations.

    2. Research into the genre and examples of how others have tackled this subject.

    3. Numerous thumbnail drawings, sketches and notes.

    4. Visual research to identify and justify the "Look" of your universe.

    5. Preliminary drawings that are starting to focus your research and experimentation to a starting point for your 3 final images.

    Ideally this needs to done and up ASAP.... Remember scan don't photograph sketchbook pages and reference material.

    I know this sounds like a lot and to be honest it isbut you have the Phil G and Phil H, mine and Alans experience to draw on, make sure you use us and ask questions I know you have my E-mail addy don't be afraid to ask questions etc. If you are not confident drawing do more of it and research techniques such as perspective

    Hope that helps as a checklist.