Sunday, 29 November 2009

concept art 10

Here are my last concept art sketches of scenes from the two stories that were given to me, The Pit and The Pendulum and The Fall of The House of Usher.

First sketch was of the dungeon room with the pits in the center and the pendulum next to it, with a piece of wood underneath the pendulum.

The second sketch was the same layout as the previous sketch but at a different angle.

The third sketch was the a more of a close up to the the pendulum with a big plank of wood which is meant to restrain the prisoners for their execution.
I also added some straps to add to the effect.

The forth sketch was of the Usher house, this is what I thought the house would look like at first when I was reading the first few pages.

some more designs of the Usher house, deciding which angle to look at the house from, what type of shape it will have, and what the grass would look like.

The next two images are notes and small sketches to get the idea of appearance of the house.

The final sketch is of the house from the inside. I wanted to do the inside of the house because I fought it sounded more interesting the the outside. The down side is that I left my work to the last minute. My advice to those who are reading this, don't leave your art works to the last minute or you will not bring your artwork to it's fool potential

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