Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Haunting (1963)

Yesterday I watched the film The Haunting (1963).
The story was about a Doctor who specialise in the supernatural wanted to see if the Hill house was haunted, so he gathered some subjects to see how the effects of the house will effect the subjects.
This film was fun to watch, when I heard it was a horror I thought the was going to be alot of killings, but there was only one. I won't tell you how died, you need to see it.
The Haunting uses a lot of fast zoom in actions, and have the main character, Eleanor, monologuing a lot to herself. There's also a lot of tension between Eleanor and another character Theodora, sometimes arguments and sometime friendly.
What surprises me about the film is that there are only four characters, the Doctor, Eleanor, who feels unwanted by everyone, Theodora, a subject, and Luke, the next owner of the house. There are some other characters here and there, but they don't stay too long.
But what I like most is how the house looks.

When I first look at the house it sort of resembled How I would imagine the Usher Housse, from The Fall of The House of Usher would look like. The structure the appearance and the present of it, all of what I thought the Usher House would be like.

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