Monday, 30 November 2009

Unit 3 Environment

Hay everyone, today we are starting our next unit, environment.
Basically we have to make a scene but with a mix between 2d and 3d the back has to be in 2d digital painting and the objects in the foreground has to be in 3d. No people just the objects. The essay for this unit needs to focus around the uncanny of object, paintings, games, film anything which has to relate to the unit.
To tell you the truth I am a bit confuse about the essay but Phil said that he will explain it tomorrow.

On this unit Phil gave the class some films to review films that have surreal or uncanny environments.
The word uncanny means something that's out of the ordinary.
The films I will be looking at are:
Invasion of the Bodysnatches, 1965
Dead of Night, 1945
Repulsion, 1965
The Stepford Wives, 1974
Halloween, 1978
Poltergeist, 1982
Blue Velvet, 1986

I just hope i will do better on this unit than the last two :(

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