Monday, 8 November 2010

Narrative Lecture part 5: House of Wax (1953)

The next film we watched for our Narrative lecture is André De Toth's 'House of Wax'.

It stars Vincent Price as a wax sculptor named Henry Jarrod who is obsessed with his creations. Until a business partner burnt his gallery with Jarrod in it. After that event mysterious murders started beginning with the business partner. Soon a new gallery opened displaying new wax models by Jarrod, one of the new models is the same business partner in the same position he died in. We are then introduce to Sue Allan, who is investigating the murder of her friend and the disappearance of her body. She finds the body at the same wax gallery playing Jone of arc.

This movie is meant to be one of the first films done in 3D, and it really shows because they are not being subtle. An example of can be shown when we see a man with some paddle balls advertising the wax gallery, he even spoke in a manner that it seems he is talking to the audience.
The narrative of the film was pleasing as a murder mystery movie but the camera angles where bad, it focus at odd places especially near the beginning when Jarrod was fighting the business partner, but the shots where done in a way that the audience felt they were in the film. However at times I felt the film focused more on the 3D than on the actual film it self which most films do when they are making a film in 3D. The public can see this as a reference for making a movie in 3D, how you see this is up to you. The positive is that the film is trying to draw the audience in the film making them feel they are involved, but the negative side is that it trying too hard to show it is a 3D film that it loses its story and become distracting.

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