Sunday, 7 November 2010

Character Design part 9: last two weeks of lesson

Here are my images from the character design lesson I have done for the past two weeks.
For the first two images we have learnt on how to use reference pictures to make new character. Justin gave us a theme to help us on making our characters, mine is Gangsters form the 1930s.
The first character was a generic tough guy gangster, I purposely covered his eye by shading it to give him more character.
The second character is a typical fat gangster boss, his hat gave me a lot of trouble so I need to work on drawing hats on characters since I have two or three characters that wears them in my main character design project.
The third character is a female gangster, she didn't gave me too much trouble but again I need to work on drawing hats.

The fourth character is a is a gangster boss behind his desk, I was going for an intimidating look. Finally the last character is meant to be a tough gangster who is the right hand man of the gangster boss, but he ended up looking more like a detective then gangster, maybe he was a gangster but turned good when he was betrayed.

After that we then learnt about silhouettes. Silhouettes are used to work on the form of a character by making a black/shaded or outlined figure with no detail on it. Once done you can then do some editing on the shaded figure to give them more shape, an example of this can be seen on my second silhouette under the first one. You can see the different on the separation on the feet to the raised up pony tail.

On the second week we have to use reference pictures again but this time using them to create a new animal with the theme that was given to us, my theme was jungle.
The first animal is a combination of a deer, a bison and an elephant. It is a merge between strong animals who are also quite gentle, the deer part is only used for the patterns on the back.
The second animal is a combination of a tiger and a wolverine. I wanted to try out a fusion between a big animal and a small one. While creating this creature I notice that a wolverine is much hairier than a tiger so I used this as a learn experience on working on hair.

The third animal a vulture and bat combination. I first did a sketch of a bats wing anatomy first to give an idea of the shape then I transferred the bat wings to the vulture. This creature was well received by some of my class mates.
The forth combination is an elephant with a gorilla, I was going for a gentle yet strong creature that's why I chose the elephant and gorilla for their gentle appearance.
The last merged animal is a lion and a panda, I did not like how this one turned out because I rushed drawing it. I wanted to see what type of creature would come out I think it would of look better if I really took my time on drawing this.

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