Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Character Design part 10: Hero

Here are some of the images of my Hero Felix, I am still making some fixes like how big his eye should be and how muscular he is. I thought my hero won't show too much big expression but he does have some . The ones I thought the expression that would suit my character so far would be scared, angry and a decent smile, I chose those expressions because since my character prefers to be alone he doesn't smile too much and if there's trouble around him he either gets scared or very angry. I have also drew some poses which I think represent my character quite well, the poses I have made are a scared/surprise pose, an annoyed pose and a thinking pose, the running pose was just a sketch of how I see my character running.

The images that are showing Felix's expressions and poses are not my final designs for him but it is a starting point.

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