Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Character Design part 15: Felix(Hero) Finished Design

Here are my final designs for my Hero Felix.
The first image shows how he is constructed, it starts with the guide bones first starting with the circle for the the head then placing the guides and markers for the arms, elbow, legs and knee and finally adding the mass for the amount of thickness for Felix's body. For his shirt there should be six buttons two at the top should be unbutton and the stitching on the right leg of the trouser should be halfway below the knee with four stitching marks.

The second image shows how Felix's head is constructed, starting with a circle then adding the jaw. Then add some guide lines for the face, be sure to polace one guide line near the top of the head since which should then resemble a cross, this will be Felix's third eye. The ear should be place near the eyeline and the nose line. He should have three lines on his head the first line should stop atleast halfway of Felix's right ear while the last two should be short and placed on the his left side. Once the set up is done fill eveything in, the two eye's should be ovals that are slanted the nose should sit near the middle of the two eye's, the third eye can be done by following the cross but don't make it too big or there won't be any room for his eyebrows. His hair should all follow the hair guide lines exept the hair at the bottom of Felix's head, from starting near the head make a zig zag line going downwards ending at the chin, there should be three zig zags. Finally just add some details to him, lines to show his hair, a line for his ear and add some eyebrows, he should have only two of them the third eye dosn't have any.
I have also made some of his facil features to show the type of character he is, I think the represent him quite well.

I have designed his alternate outfit, He should wear this if he is in a hot place or if he is indoors.

Here is Felix main outfit, he wears this most of the time when he is going on his journey with his sidekick, Like mentioned in a past post he lives in the slums so his clothes are quite tattered and I know he can see the future but that does not mean his clothes will be alright.

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  1. Try to make your posed concept art a bit more dynamic. Try to convey character and personality through your line art. For instance, legs aren't perfectly straight parallel lines. Whilst I know this is heavily stylised, it might be nice to try some interesting shapes and lines.

    Various examples : < Look at how you suddenly get character in there. The silhouettes interesting too.

    Don't be so rigid, use a 4h or something and just go to town with it. Let your hand have freedom and see what interesting lines you'll come up with. You can always go over these with a darker pencil later for the line work. I find it much easier to draw on top of lines that i've already drawn, even if it is a mess. Somewhat similar to destroying the white background in Photoshop before you paint.