Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Character Design part 8: Story summery and Character information

I have came up with a story for my character design to help me to understand my characters a bit more.
The main plot is an on the run story where our two main characters Felix(Hero) and Ulysses(Sidekick) have to keep moving and keep a very powerful artifact away from Mordecai(Villain).

The summery is about a small alien name Ulysses who landed on earth following a distress call. He soon learnt it was a trap, set up by Mordecai a very powerful mutant who wants to know more of Ulysses' people technology. Ulysses escaped with a very powerful artifact but was heavily weakened from the encounter and was finding refuge in the slums of a steampunk city. There we meet our main character Felix, a mutant bouncer who can see the future. He takes Ulysses to his home so he can recover his strength. Suddenly Mordecai's men came to Felix's house to search the area for Ulysses. When they do find him Felix puts up a fight and successfully defended him. Ulysses saw how useful Felix is and explain his situation to him and asks him to be his bodyguard on his quest to get home. Felix reluctantly accepts to help Ulysses' quest to get home and so their adventure begins with them constantly chased by Mordecai and anyone who wants the artifact Ulysses' holds.

I have done some brainstorms on my characters to define them even more as well explaining what is the artifact and what is Mordecai's goal, the first character I was defining was the Hero.

The Hero's name is Felix, he is a three eyed mutant with the power to see small glimpses of the future when he is in danger(like spider sense), his job is a bouncer for a pub/bar. Living in a bad neighbourhood he has to take care of himself even at a young age. Felix became Ulysses' bodyguard when he fought Mordecai's men while protecting Ulysses. Of course the sensible thing to do is to turn Ulysses in but he knows that Mordecai would still punish him for defending Ulysses in the first place, besides is not that type of guy. Felix prefers to be left alone but when he decided to be Ulysses' bodyguard he slowly opens up to him and become more relaxed.
Before Felix had a job as a bouncer he first started out as a fortune teller for a circus when he was young, he could see ten or more years into the future. However looking into the future too many times put a huge strain on him that now he can only see a few minutes of it when he is in danger. He was then kicked out of the circus and his parents disowned him, after that ordeal he had to fend for himself.
Even though he prefers to be left alone he is a nice guy when given a chance.

The next character I was defining was the Sidekick

The Sidekicks name is Ulysses, he is a small alien from outer space. He came to earth following a distress signal only to find out it was a trap set up by Mordecai. His spaceship was destroyed by Ulysses' orders so no one can learn it's secrets. He could of tried to escape in his spaceship but Mordecai used his powers to keep it down.
Ulysses' powers consist of super strength, flight, speed, telekinesis, able to read minds and many more he has yet to discover. However using such powers takes a lot of energy from him since he is still young and small so he doesn't now how to control them properly.
Ulysses is a kind and gentle character but is quite naive around the planet he is on so he see Felix not only as a bodyguard but also as a guide for him as well as his first friend on earth.

The last character I was defining is the Villain

The Villain's name is Mordecai. He is the strongest mutant on the planet, or so he claims. Unlike the Hero Mordecai lives in a more sophisticated life so he wears expensive clothing and has very high tech weaponry with him, he is also a leader of his own group of law enforcers which their job is to keep order on the steampunk city.
Mordecai's powers involve kinetic energy where he shoots powerful energy balls, he can also create a forcefield to defend himself and has the ability to fly.
He was always renowned as the one man who can catch anyone, but when a criminal had defeated him and escaped Mordecai perfect reputation was ruined. Even though his colleagues didn't think much of his lost to Mordecai it was a lost that really effected him. He then decided to go on a trip to clear his mind, while on a trip he found a mysterious artifact, when he accidentally activated it Mordecai's strength increases to a whole new level he felt very powerful and nothing can stop him. When he came back to the city he track down the criminal whole got away from him, when he did find the criminal Mordecai crushed him with his new strength, with his new powers Mordecai became mad and plans to use the artifact for something terrifying in the future. His plan is to remove all the mutants powers and increase his own to make himself the only strongest mutant in the world. If he succeeds then mutants that needs their powers to survive will die, but he does not care.
His personality is your typical stuck up pompous villain who looks down on everyone and thinks of himself as a more perfect being. Even before he lost to the criminal he still treated everyone badly. He also wants to make no mistakes if he did any then he will correct it by any means necessary.

The last thing I wrote was the purpose of the artifact. The artifact is used by Ulysses' people as a means to give themselves more power if they are in trouble but it uses a lot of the user's stamina. No one knows how it got to earth in the first place but it's up to the heroes to keep it away from Mordecai for as long as they can.

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