Saturday, 13 November 2010

Character Design part 13: Jetpack Jones & Grok

Last week in Character design we did something different, we had to get into a group and design some characters for a toy series called Jetpack Jones. What I last remembered I think we had to make the Hero, Sidekick, Love Interest, Spy, Villain and Villain Henchman.
I designed the Henchman named Grok, a dinosaur alien who was experimented by the Villain. I based his design around a raptor because his height is roughly around a outhouse and I added a big mechanical arm, a laser gun for his tail and a headphone attached to his head to show he had been experimented on. For his costume I was going for a futuristic warrior look to show he means business.

I also designed the Hero Jetpack Jones, he is a galactic law enforcer who was wrongly accuse for, I think, being a spy or a traitor so he is on a quest to clear his name.
For his appearance I was going for a bird motif mix with a rocket because of the name jet pack. I have also gave him a big laser gun so he can fire at his enemies. When I shown his design to Justin he said that he likes the design but I needed to make his jet pack more appealing and need to make his gun look more futuristic.

I have even designed his logo which is a bird flying downward, may not look much on it's own but when seeing it on Jones' chest it looks just right.

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