Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Character Design part 11: Villian

The next character I have design is the villain Mordecai. I first planned out his shapes to get a general idea of his body physic, which is the typical tall skinny man appearance. I gave Mordecai some big hands to show he uses them a lot in combat and gestures. I shown him design to Justin and he helped me out abit by making his forearms also bigger and making his fingers pointy to give his hands more of a sinister appearance.
To help me to get more of an idea of the type of character Mordecai is I made his poses more powerful by giving him a one arm that will shoot a powerful energy ball, a pose of him in a star jump to represent him dispersing huge amount of energy around himself, a thinking pose to show his genuineness and a hitting the earth pose to show more of his power.
While reviewing this I think I show too much of his power and not enough of his intelligences or his smugness.

Again these are just sketches of his personality not meant to be his final designs.

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